Adult Dog Training Classes

For all breeds that are 20 weeks (5 months) and older.

6 training sessions

1 hour class per week

Small class size - 5 dogs max

Upcoming class times

The first night of the class is listed below and will continue for a total of six, 1 hour training sessions. Class will meet at the same day and time each week. 


Beginner Classes    -  $150

Held at Diggity Dawg Daycare, 5100 E Penn Ave., Wernersville

Check back soon for future dates


Advanced+ Classes    -  $170

Graduation from Beginner class required to enroll in Advanced+ 

Held at Laurelain Park, Snyder Ave., Reading

Check back soon for future dates


What you and your dog will learn


Beginner Class

  • Introduction to basic obedience
    • focus, name recognition
    • sit, down, stand
    • come
    • stay
    • leave it
    • drop it
    • wait
    • leash walking and manners
  • Different topics will be discussed each class
    • Polite Greetings
    • Calm Energy
    • No Jumping
    • How to address excessive barking
    • How to find the right force free harness or collar 
    • Enrichment and puzzle toys to help your active pup
    • Fun exercise ideas


Advanced+ Class

Graduation from Beginner Class Required

  • This class is designed to be repeated so you can reach your training goals with your dog.
  • All Advanced+ classes will be held at Laurelain Park to give you plenty of opportunities to practice and advance all that you learned in the Beginner Class.
  • Take your training to the next level!
  • Practice and advance your dog's basic obedience cues
    • Ask your dog for sit, down, stand, stay, wait with hand signals
    • Get your dog to walk past other people, dogs and distractions while maintaining a loose leash and focus.
    • Teach your dog to come when called with varying distances and distractions
    • Work on advancing your stay to any distance around varying distractions
    • All skills are taught through fun games and activities!


Requirements for Adult Dog Training Classes

  • Your dog must be older than 20 weeks (5 months)
  • Your dog must be friendly around other people and dogs
  • Your dog must be current on all vaccinations
    • Rabies
    • DHLPP / DHPP (distemper/parvo combo)
    • Bordetella
  • Space is limited so pre-registration is required!

Reach out today to register!


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