Puppy Playtime


For all puppies between 8-20 weeks

Held at Diggity Dawg Daycare located in Wernersville PA

So much more than playtime

Come and enjoy an exciting hour with your puppy as they play and interact with other dogs their age!


This is the most important time of your puppy's life for them to socialize! Did you know that your puppy's main socialization window is between the age of 4-14 weeks? Owners typically get a puppy from the breeder around 8-10 weeks. That doesn't leave many opportunities for socialization exposure to occur. Now is the time to continue socializing to give your new puppy the best life possible! Socialization can and should still continue even after 14 weeks. 


What is socialization?

Basically, it is the exposure that you puppy needs to be a happy and comfortable adult in all situations that they will experience in their lifetime. It is very important that all experiences, especially between 4-14 weeks, is positive and fun! Socialization is allowing your pup to meet and interact with a variety of sounds, body handling, different animals (not just dogs), people - all ages, locations etc.


Is it safe to attend puppy playtime and group class?

You may have heard that you should wait to take your puppy anywhere until they have had all of their shots. While you should be smart about where you take your puppy, that does not mean that they should not go anywhere before they are 16 weeks old. Try to avoid places where there is the potential for dogs that are unvaccinated or sick. Always carry your puppy or put them in a cart when visiting places like the vet or pet store. Do not let them sniff or go potty outside of these places as well. 

There are still safe places to take them during this age for fun, exercise and socialization! I make sure to sanitize the room before each puppy class and playtime session. Owners must provide proof of vaccination before coming onto the propery to keep everyone safe. 


Please read this article from AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) on why early socialization is important

What to expect with puppy playtime

Every puppy playtime hour is supervised by a certified dog trainer. You will receive feedback on your puppy's play style and learn how to have control even while your puppy is distracted. All breeds are welcome! It is important for large breeds to learn to play gently with small breeds and small breeds to be comfortable around large breeds. This is a great learning experience that all puppies should have. 

- Ask the trainer! Get all your puppy questions answered. There is so much to know and learn at this stage. 

- There will be a fun socialization or training activity at each playtime!

- The cost of puppy playtime is $10 per dog. 



  • Your puppy must be between 8 - 20 weeks
  • Your puppy must be current on vaccinations (Distemper combo [DHLPP or DHPP], Bordetella [kennel cough]) and Rabies if older than 16wks. It must be at least 2 weeks after your puppy's first round of DHPP to safely attend playtime. A copy of records must be provided in order to attend.
  • Space is limited so pre-registration is required!

Reach out today to reserve your spot!



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