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Learn the necessary skills to have a well behaved friend and companion

serving Reading, PA and surrounding areas

10+ years of positive reinforcement training experience!

It is possible to have well mannered dog through positive, reward based training!

I work with positive reinforcement only, and to me it's always important that the training is fun for both you and your dog!

Puppy Playtime!


Come join us every Saturday morning for a fun filled hour where your puppy can learn essential social skills. 

A perfect opportunity to meet the trainer and ask her all your questions!

Covid precautions:

During this time I am taking things very seriously to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep all of my clients safe. I am following all travel restrictions and requirements outlined by the CDC. This includes the use of a mask when in public, social distancing and frequent hand washing. I will be wearing a mask during each training session and also sanitizing my hands before entering your home. I will also be masked during all group class sessions and clients attending group classes are required to be masked as well. The training room will be sanitized between each class. If you have any questions or concerns reguarding this, please let me know! 

                                                                          - Catherine Alkons ABCDT


Training Programs

You can choose between a group class or having private & personalized training classes at your home


Work with a certified trainer to teach your dog the basics in a friendly and fun environment! 


Work with a certified trainer to teach your dog the basics or to  address isssues such as reactivity, shyness, hyperactivity or other specific problem areas. 


This is perfect for families with busy schedules. A certified trainer will come to your home and train your dog for you while you go about your day. 

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Doggy Graduates

Meet our well behaved pups!

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