In-home Board & Train

Let us do the hard work for you

You can relax knowing that your dog is being taught in a safe and comfortable environment

VIP training for Very Important Pups

Do you want a well behaved dog but you just can't find the time? Let me do the work for you! My VIP Training Packages are designed to provide you with a prepared training plan and greatly reduce the amount of training you must do on your own. It's like a board and train, but instead your dog stays at home where they are most comfortable and you don't ever need to worry. 

I will use modern training techniques that are based on positive reinforcement. I do not permit the use of tools or tactics intended to scare, harm, or intimidate your dog.


Getting Started - Introduction Bundle

Introduction Bundle Includes:

  • Phone Interview
  • Recommendation of essential training equipment for continued success
  • Training Outline
  • Exercise and Enrichment


The initial phone interview will be to get to know you, your family, and your dog. We will discuss your lifestyle, routine, and training needs in order to develop a program that suits you best.

The training equipment that was used throughout your dog’s training program will be discussed at the owner meeting. These tools will be recommended for your continued training success. 

I will customize a training outline that will include important information on the skills your dog will be working on throughout their training sessions with me. The training outline can also contain information on dog nutrition, care and behavior if needed. 

The exercise and enrichment that is worked on will be personalized to your dog’s individual needs. Activities will focus on achieving adequate physical exercise and proper amounts of mental enrichment.


VIP Training Packages

What is included?

  • Introduction Bundle
  • 3 - 1 hour training sessions / week
  • A 1 hour owner meeting / week
  • Unlimited contact support
  • Weekly typed summary

During each session, I will work toward the goals in your dog’s individualized training outline. VIP training sessions are designed to allow you to go about your day at home while I focus on training your dog. Therefore, your attendance at the session is optional. However, you or another adult must be home for when sessions are scheduled.

The only time you and the family are required to attend a session is during the weekly owner meeting. During this meeting I will answer questions, discuss your dog’s training progress, and demonstrate how to begin utilizing what your dog has learned.

You are provided with my contact info and are encouraged to ask questions or seek my advice at any time during normal business hours.

After each owner meeting, you will recieve a summary of all the behaviors and activties that were taught. 

  • VIP Training Program (1 week) - $560

3 training sessions, 1 owner meeting, and unlimited contact support


  • VIP Training Program (2 weeks) - $1120

6 training sessions, 2 owner meetings, and unlimited contact support


  • VIP Training Program (1 month) - $2240

12 training sessions, 4 owner meetings, and unlimited contact support


  • VIP Training Program (2 months) - $4000

24 training sessions, 8 owner meetings, and unlimited contact support


  • VIP Training Program (3 months) - $6000

36 training sessions, 12 owner meetings, and unlimited contact support


*Payment plan available upon request*


Not sure if VIP training is right for you?

I also offer an option for you to talk with me and receive your personalized training outline before committing.

For $50 you receive

  • Phone interview
  • Personalized training outline

If you then decide to sign up for one of the VIP programs, the $50 will be discounted from the final price. 


NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice

Servicing Reading, PA and surrounding areas. Additional rates my apply for extra travel.

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